Oddly Satisfying

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‘Oddly Satisfying’ excerpt from text by Mette Kia

‘”A back and forth movement from refuse to the ideal” is a pretty accurate description of Fryd’s work here, even though her ideal is never without flaws. From the base toe to the elaborately made-up face where body hair has been removed, where eyebrows are turned into thin drawn lines and lashes into flourishing ornaments adorning the glowing light blue canvases of the eyelids and where the lips are painted thick with red lipstick. The Q-tips and the cotton pads are played with as satirical props: Usually utensils for removing clumps of mascara or out-of-place concealer, here they appear as isolated esthetic objects, both revered and ironically toyed with as in the case where a model holds the cotton swab between her teeth like a rose.’

by Fryd Frydendahl

Graphic design by Wilfred Wagner

96 pages

ISBN: 978-87-93702-17-2