Eighteen Gallery, Copenhagen, March/ April 2023.

Installs by Jan Søndergaard.

In a study of the internet concept ‘Oddly Satisfying’, Fryd Frydendahl presents her own versions of what she experiences in her algorithm on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – in a way that, as the concept indicates, is both unusually strange and overwhelmingly wonderful. In contrast to the exhibition’s digital theme and content, all the photographs for the exhibition are recorded analogously on a 4×5 inch camera, to slow down the process. For the past 15 years, Fryd Frydendahl has marked herself as one of her generation’s most important photo artists. Her works have a unique, surreal look that sets her apart from any other photo artist in Denmark. We are happy to present her new works that precisely capture the quivering spirit of our present time.

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue by Bodil Johanne Monrad, Director, Viborg Kunsthal