Salad Days

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Salad Days is a collection of approximately 150 portraits Frydendahl has taken in the period 2012—2022. Among the subjects portrayed are both famous and unknown individuals, as well as the artist herself.

Frydendahl breaks the conventions of traditional portrait-based photography and has a special ability to convey a journey for the viewer into an intimate space. A space where you encounter universal topics such as grief, loneliness, identity, friendship and family ties. The portraits contain fragility, enthusiasm, innocence, naivety, beauty and awkwardness. Frydendahl involves herself, her family and friends in her work, creating sensitive and relevant photographs with a distinct voice and compelling visual poetry. Her approach is intuitive and attentive, and she is inseparable from her images. Her photographs are imbued with a sincere fragility and often reveal deep incisions into complex emotions and situations.

“Although Fryd’s practice has naturally shifted and grown in this decade, there is a throughline from the oldest portrait in this book to the work being made today. All her images exude a sincerity and freedom that has made her work so pervasive. She takes this idealism with her into every new collaboration, and because of that her Salad Days are far from over.” (From the introduction written by Elizabeth Renstrom.)

BINDING: Hard cover with spot varnish

DIMENSIONS: 215 × 275 mm

PAGES: 256

PAPER: 80 g Munken Print White 15 / 150 g Arctic Volume White

DESIGN: Spine Studio